Racer Motorcycle Endurance Challenge is dedicated to the sport of endurance motorcycle racing. If you are looking for information on the Rocky Mountain Enduro Circuit, please go to racermec.com.

Meant to challenge the endurance of the rider and the durability of the bike, endurance racing got its start nearly a century ago with the first endurance race set at Vaujours, just outside of Paris. From this first race came the Bol d’Or (translating to “Gold Bowl”) endurance race, an annual 24-hour race that has become one of the most popular endurance races in the world. But, it wasn’t until after World War II that this burgeoning sport really took off, with new races popping up all over Europe.

Today, endurance racing is a worldwide phenomenon, with riders from all over the globe eager to try this dangerous and demanding sport. There are few things as mentally draining and physically exhausting as trying to maintain control of a machine flying down a race track and around curves at mind-blowing speeds, but an experience unlike any other, which is why we keep punishing ourselves this way time after time.

If you’re new to the sport or have been at it for decades, we invite you to look around the site, ask us any questions you might have, and sign up for our email list!

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