Moving Long Distance With Your Motorcycle

For better or worse, there will likely come a time in your life where you’re faced with making a move across the country. As a motorcycle owner though, you are faced with a different set of challenges and decisions to make when it comes to determining your moving plans.

To Ride… or Not To Ride

We know that you love the open road and the thought of a 1,000-mile ride is nothing for many of our readers. So, you might think, that it’s best to let the movers take care of the less valuable possessions. The motorcycle, however, is best left to your own care, right? Depending on the length of your journey and whether you have a primary car that you will be trying to move as well, riding your bike to your new home can be a great way to start a life transition on a good night. With most long distance moves, the movers will consolidate your household items with several other people that are moving in the same general direction as you. This means that they won’t be driving directly from your old house to the new one. They will be stopping at other places along the way both picking up and dropping off. The typical move can leave you without your belongings for 2-3 weeks. This may be bad news for some, but if you’re riding your bike across the country and want to take the time to explore, this gives you several extra weeks to take your time.

To Ship… or Not To Ship

You love your motorcycle and want to make absolutely certain that it gets taken care of. If you’re not personally riding it to your new home, you still have plenty of options. Check out this source for reliable long distance moving companies that can help you get estimates on both your options and prices for making a cross country move. While there are several dedicated companies that specialize in moving cars and motorcycles, most of your traditional moving companies can also help you arrange this and bake it into your total moving costs. If you’re worried about damages, ask your mover for an increased insurance policy to make absolutely certain that your bike will be protected no matter what happens during transit.

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